7 Equipment-Free Leg Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

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Leg day—groan. Lots of squats—groan times two. Strengthening your lower body is tough, but it doesn’t have to be the worst, and you definitely don’t have to be stuck inside a gym this summer to work on those squats. From fast-paced circuit routines to gentle Pilates exercises and ballet-inspired strength moves, the seven workouts below can be performed just about anywhere with absolutely no equipment. Do them in your home, at the hotel, or on at the beach—because even mermaids do leg day

1. Wake up your leg muscles with this 15-minute mat Pilates routine from Cassey Ho.

Blogilates brings the heat with half clam lifters, froggers, scissor kicks, and more. Your thighs will burn in the best way possible. 

2. Or try this lunge-free, squat-free 16-minute routine. 

This workout from Jessica Smith TV is great for beginners (and anyone who despises squats or lunges).

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